The Unliving: Necromancer Height and Age

Character NameHeightAge
The Necromancer~200cmIndefinite (Undead)


The Necromancer is the character which the player controls throughout the game. It is said that after a “long slumber” you wake up to a world you didn’t like and so you decide to go out and end humanity using your powers in creating undead creatures. With the implication of magic and necromancy, we believe that the Necromancer is immortal and is therefore also an undead, this means that his age is indiscernible.

By scaling the Necromancer in comparison to other average footsoldier or human entities in the game, we can clearly see that the Necromancer is a lot bigger than the average human being. Using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart, we were able to give the Necromancer an estimated height of around 200 centimeters or 78.7 inches.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart


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