The Legend of Tianding: Liao Tianding’s Costume Guide

Image Sources: Jerry Liu Art Station & Amazon

According to Wiki, “Liao Tianding was a legendary Taiwanese Robin Hood figure who foiled oppressive rulers when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.” On the other hand, the animated version of the character looks like in the picture. Here are the costumes with prices and direct links from Amazon:

1. Wool French Beret Hat – US $14.99 on Amazon

2. White Vintage Soft Scarf – US $9.97 on Amazon

3. Long Sleeve Shirt – US $17.67 – $47.57 on Amazon

4. Red Long Narrow Silky Tie Scarf Belt – US $10.99 on Amazon

5. Brown Half-Finger Gloves – US $23.90 – $25.90 on Amazon

6. Gray Jogger Pants – US $27.99 on Amazon

7. Men’s Gray Cyrus Chelsea Boot – US $35.53 – $140.24 on Amazon


Jerry Liu Art Station Liao Tianding Image

Amazon Wool French Beret Hat

Amazon White Vintage Soft Scarf

Amazon Long Sleeve Shirt

Amazon Red Long Narrow Silky Tie Scarf Belt

Amazon Brown Half Finger Gloves

Amazon Gray Jogger Pants

Amazon Men’s Gray Cyrus Chelsea Boot


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