Puzzle and Dragons: Taiga Akashi Costume Guide

Starting from the top, if we want to realy go all in in our cosplay, we will need to copy the hair color and hairstyle of Akashi, this Red Men’s Wig from Amazon will give you the style you need. Second on our outfit is a White Shirt with Red Neck and Sleeve, it is important to note that this shirt does not come with the Squid/Octopus Sticker, therefore you will need to use your creativity to create Taiga’s shirt sticker. To put a finish to our upper apparel, we have to copy the same Skyblue Wristband Taiga wears.

Moving on to the lower apparel, Taiga wears an Army Green Cargo Shorts paired with a Black Leggings. For his footwear, he wears a High-Top Sports Shoes with White Soles and Pad.


Amazon Wig

Amazon Leggings/ Kneepad

Amazon Shirt

Amazon Shoes

Amazon Shorts

Amazon Wristband


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