Top 5 Most Expensive Turtles Sold Online 2022

No.Turtle NamePricePurchase Links
1Albino Southern Painted Turtle (Female)$6,999American Reptiles
2Two Headed Red Eared Slider Turtle$2,749American Reptiles
3Female  Albino T+ Common Snapping Turtle$2,499American Reptiles
4Adult Mata Mata Pair$1,249American Reptiles
5Vampire Musk Turtle Adults$499American Reptiles

Turtle Description

#1 Albino Southern Painted Turtle (Female)

Southern Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta dorsalis) are offered on many markets at significantly lower prices compared to their Albino counterparts. Albino Southern Painted Turtles are extremely rare and will fetch you a very high price, no matter from which seller you buy it from. One is currently in auction at the American Reptiles market page. This female albino painted turtle currently stands as the highest on bid on the turtle category. 

#2 Two Headed Red Eared Slider Turtle

This turtle suffers a condition called bicephaly, a type of mutation that causes the turtle to develop two heads. According to the seller page, the two heads eat and the turtle is currently in pristine condition. Turtles having bicephaly is an extremely rare case, and the turtle will have a very short lifespan unless they are given proper care.

#3 Female Albino T+ Common Snapping Turtle

According to the seller page at American Reptiles, T+ Albino is a different type of albinism; it differs from the common T- type. The T+ albino originated from a turtle farm, just like any other albino turtles. They lean a bit more towards orange white with almost ruby dark red eyes. Seller mentions that the Female Albino T+ Common Snapping Turtle is a great item to get if you want to start breeding your own since there is very low competition on the market. According to the same page, Albinism will only occur once every 30,000 turtles.

#4 Adult Mata Mata

This product comes in pair, male and female. With proper care, Adult Mata Mata (Chelus fimbriata) can live for up to 75 years. The pair came from Guyana and has then since been sheltered to be sold. These turtles are big. They feed on live fish and frozen shrimp.

#5 Vampire Musk Turtle Adults

These turtles are born captive, they measure around 4 to 5 inches long and has a lifespan of around 15 years. Typically, in the market, when they are sold as adults, they will become significantly pricier. Vampire Musk Turtles are also known as Narrow-Bridged Musk Turtles typically found in Central America and Mexico(Wikipedia)


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