Top 10 Most Expensive Horses You Can Buy from Top Horses LLC in 2022

No.Horse NamePrice RangePurchase Link 
1Kannan 754$100,000Top Horses LLC 
2Grandorado 729$100,000Top Horses LLC
3Cascaya$100,000Top Horses LLC
4Oxford vd Padenborre$70,000-$100,000Top Horses LLC
5Gryffindor $70,000-$100,000Top Horses LLC
6Cassaway$70,000-$100,000Top Horses LLC
7Vivaldi 744$70,000-$100,000Top Horses LLC
8Arezzo 826$50,000-$70,000Top Horses LLC
9Stanlee$50,000-$70,000Top Horses LLC
10Stakkato Gold 822$50,000-$70,000Top Horses LLC

Horse Details:

#1 KANNAN 754

KANNAN 754, one of the top most expensive horses sold on Top Horse, LLC, a Swedish Warm Blood horse breed. It’s a “riding” and “sports” horse. According to The Stallion Company, Kannan seems to match with plenty of mares while adding canter and strength and works particularly well with blood type mares. If you plan on buying a horse, maybe Kannan 574 is best for you.


Another interesting horse breed you can buy online is the 17h tall Grandorado 729. You will surely love its “bay” color like those of Kannan 574. It is one of the greatest jumpers of the KWPN family. This horse is available in Germany and you can order it online through Top Horses LLC.



Owning a Cascaya might be the best thing a man can have. This fantastic mare is a careful jumper and is used in many horse race activities. It is a Westphalian breed with a height of 16.2h. The rarity of this horse makes it one of the most expensive horses. If you are interested with this horse, grab it online through Top Horses LLC.



According to Top Horses LLC, an Oxford VD Padenborre is an amateur friendly horse. This amazing gelding is a high jumper perfect for horse racing. Anyone could be interested with this 16.3 tall horse, even you! You can grab this on at a price of $70,000 – $100,000!


D:\Downloads\image0-1 (1).jpeg

Gryffindor, a racehorse, might be one of the most beautiful horses you’ve ever seen. Its chestnut color like those horses that are found in some religious books would surely capture your interest, plus! This gelding comes from KWPN or Dutch Warm Blood breeds. Great right? Now, if you plan on getting one, grab it now on Top Horses LLC.



A famous gelding, Cassaway is a holsteiner breed with the highest height of 17.2h among the top 10 most expensive horses sold on Top Horse LLC. It is a bay or chocolate like colored horse and is available in Kansas, based on Top Horse LLC. Cassaway is also a high jumper.

#7 VIVALDI 744

Vivaldi 744 is a Swedish Warm Blood racehorse jumper. This amazing mare is worth $70,000-$100,000. And according to Superior Equines, Vivaldi is a stallion that always captivates enthusiasts in Europe with its movement and strong aura. Its incredible movements and confidence under a saddle is an extremely great guidelines for horse buyers!

#8 AREZZO 826


Arezzo’s damsire heartbreaker is one of the best stallions in modern sport. It is a flashy chestnut mare with an average height of 16.3h. According to the Top Horse LLC page, this horse has great manageable stride coupled with a mature attitude. Being a mare with such qualities makes this horse a great candidate for breeding programs.


Stanlee, a lovely and incredible EQ horse has high potentials in jumping and hunting. He has a very special beautiful buckskin, smooth gaits and wonderful disposition, according to the auction.


Stokkato Gold comes from the Wend land jumper family of Alsterröschen (by Agram) and has been classically bred for performance in jumping.

Stokkato is very similar to Fusaichi Pegasus. However, Stokkato Gold is a Westphalian mare with an average height of 16.3h.


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