Top 6 Most Expensive Dragonball Z Card Packs Collectibles 2022

No.Estimated DateCard NamePurchase Links
1~1995Dragon Ball Z Prism Card DASS Set eBay
2~2018Dragon Ball Z DBZ CCG – Booster Pack CollectioneBay
3~2008Son Goku HologrameBay
4~2022Dragon Ball Super Card Game- Dawn Of The Z-Legends Booster Case SealedeBay
52017Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Galactic Battle Booster BoxeBay
6~2018DRAGON BALL HEROES – GDM Series FULL Comp 706 CardseBay

#1 Dragon Ball Z Prism Card DASS Set

DRAGON BALL Z PRISM CARD DASS set from part1 to part25 complete JAPAN BANDAI - Picture 1 of 6

First up on our list is a pre-owned Dragonball Z Prism Card Pack. This pack contains all part one until part 25 set which all came out originally in Japan. It currently ranks as the most expensive Dragonball Z card set sold at an auction on eBay.

These cards rolled out sometime between 1990 and 2000. According to the Dragonball Fandom, the Dragon Ball Card Dass Trading cards came to circulation back in 1991 and were only available in Japan through vending machines.

#2 Dragon Ball Z DBZ CCG – Booster Pack Collection

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These cards are listed on eBay as “unused” and “unopened” cards still sealed within their original covers. It features 72 packs containing 60 individual booster packs, 12 promo packs, and 1 blister pack. This pack is an offshoot derived from the Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game, an out-of-print trading card game based on the Dragon Ball series.

#3 Son Goku Hologram

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This card is labelled as a “Super Rare” Son Goku card attributed to the 2008 game; Dragon Ball Super Card Game. It features a holographic Son Goku (green tint) embroiled in a card manufactured by Bandai. The holo is only the finishing of the card, the base material was not specified by the seller. This card is described as an ungraded, 1st edition, holographic, 3d DBZ Card.

#4 Dragon Ball Super Card Game- Dawn Of The Z-Legends Booster Case Sealed

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Auction seller on eBay describes this as an unused, complete “Dawn of the Z-Legends” DBS Card Game set. The box contains original Bandai Japan Dawn of the Z-Legends card packs contained within 12 boxes.

#5 Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Galactic Battle Booster Box

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Manufactured back in 2017, this box contains 12 packs belonging to the “Galactic Battle” Dragon Ball Z (Dragon Ball Super Card Game) set. Inside is a first edition, box topper, promo and booster cards.

#6 DRAGON BALL HEROES – GDM Series FULL Comp 706 Cards

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A collection of 706 Dragon Ball Heroes cards, all varying in rarity from Common to Secret. The set is an original Japanese card collection. Seller describes this collection as something that was stored inside a special binder, giving pristine condition to most of the cards. (no blemish, scratches, or white spots).



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