Jewelry in Encanto & Where to Buy Them

No.Name of the JewelryImagePriceWhere to Buy Them
1Mirabel’s Blue Earrings/ Sterling Silver Rock Candy® London Blue Topaz & Rock Crystal, Mother Of Pearl & Onyx Triplet Stud EarringsUS $495.00Blooming Dales
2Isabela’s Pearl Earrings/Mizuki 14k Freshwater Pearl EarringsUS $395.00Shop Bop
3Luisa’s Small Circle Gold Earrings/ 14K Gold Small Ball Stud EarringsUS  $ 98.00Nordstrom
4Pepa’s Sun Like Earrings/ Double Sun EarringsUS $3,309.0024 S
5Alma’s Pearl Earrings/ Rock Candy Lollipop Drop EarringsUS $ $1,295.00Nordstrom
6Dolores’ Heart Earrings/ Chiara Heart Drop EarringsUS $180.00Nordstrom
7Julieta’s Earrings/ AGMES Short Prantice EarringsUS $410.00Vince
8Senora Guzman’s Pearl Earrings/ Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud EarringsUS $245.00Blue Nile


The jewelry has only similar looks to the jewelry found in Encanto since there are no items that are made like the one in the animated movie. However, the items are very similar to the jewelry and also fashionable, elegant and extravagant.

On the other hand, the prices are quite expensive because they are originally made with pure gold, silver, diamond, and other expensive stones. There are eight items that we have found from the different characters and there are only six online jewelry stores where you can buy the items since some of the items can be bought in one store.

Moreover, the prices range from US $98.00 to US $3,309.00. The lowest price is jewelry similar to Luisa’s Small Circle Gold Earrings/ 14K Gold Small Ball Stud Earrings at Nordstrom while the highest price is the Pepa’s Sun Like Earrings/ Double Sun Earrings at 24 S.


Mirabel Disney Fandom Encanto

Isabela Disney Fandom Encanto

Luisa Disney Fandom Encanto

Pepa Disney Fandom Encanto

Alma Disney Fandom Encanto

Dolores Disney Fandom Encanto

Julieta Disney Fandom Encanto

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