Jewelry in One Piece & Where to Buy Them

No.Name of the JewelryImagePriceWhere to Buy Them
1Zoro’s Earrings/ Alexander McQueenUS $420.00 per pieceMy theresa
2Nami’s Pearl Earrings/ Small Pearl & Diamond EarringsUS $750.00 per pairBergdorf Goodman
3Nami’s Gold Necklace/ Ariel GordonUS $685.00Goop
4Brook’s Blue Pearl Necklace/ Masako 14K Yellow Gold & 8-8.5MM Blue Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand NecklaceUS $159.60Saks Off 50th
5Nefertari Vivi’s Bracelet/ Kajal Beaded BangleUS $98.00Nordstrom
6Boa Hancock’s Snake Earrings/ 18k Yellow Gold Snake Earring With Ruby Gemstone JewelryUS $1,316.00Wolf & Badger
7Urouge’s Earrings/ Sophie BuhaiUS $ 295.00My theresa
8Donquixote Doflamingo’s Earrings/ Hoop EarringsUS $510.00My theresa
9Black Beard Pearl Necklace/ Hatton LabsUS $335.00Browns Fashion
10Crocodile’s Gold Ring/ Double Milgrain RingUS $1,950.00Tifanny & Co


The jewelry has only similar looks to the jewelry found in One Piece since there are no items that are made like the one in the anime series. However, the items are very similar to the jewelry and also elegant and extravagant.

On the other hand, the prices are quite expensive because they are originally made with pure gold, silver, diamond, and other expensive stones. There are ten items that we have found from the different characters and there are only seven online jewelry stores where you can buy the items since some of the items can be bought in one store.

Moreover, the prices range from US $98.00 to US $1,950.00. The lowest price is jewelry similar to Nefertari Vivi’s Bracelet while the highest price is the ring similar to Crocodile’s Gold Ring.

Lastly, the online stores are legit so you don’t have to worry to order items from them.


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