Jewelry in Winx Club & Where to Buy Them

No.Name of the JewelryImagePriceWhere to Buy Them
1Black CircleUS $2,400.00Tiffany & Co
2Morgana’s NecklaceUS $144.17eBay
3Pendant of EraklyonUS $1,062Saks Off 5th
4Ring of FateUS $1,090.00Blooming Dales
5Ring of SolariaUS $3,750.00Kirna Zabete
6Shaab StoneUS $217.00Wolf & Badger
7Tynix BraceletUS $17,700.00Nordstrom
8White CircleUS $4,750.00Matches Fashion


The jewelry has only similar looks to the jewelry found in the Winx Club Series since there are no items that are made like the one in the series. However, the items are very similar to the jewelry and also fashionable and elegant to wear.

On the other hand, the prices are quite expensive because they are originally made with pure gold, silver, diamond, and other expensive stones. There are eight items that we have found in the Winx Club Series and there are also eight online jewelry stores where you can buy the items.

Moreover, the prices range from US $100.00 to US $17,700.00. The lowest price is jewelry similar to Morgana’s Necklace while the highest price is jewelry similar to Tynix Bracelet.

Lastly, the online stores are legit and you can ship the items to your place wherever it is.


Winx Fandom Jewelry

Black Circle Winx Club

Morgan’s Necklace Winx Club

Pendant of Eraklyon Winx Club

Ring of Fate Winx Club

Ring of Solaria Winx Club

Shaab Stone Winx Club

Tynix Bracelet Winx Club

White Circle Winx Club

Ebay Ornate Crystal Necklace

Saks Off 5th Red Heart Pendant

Blooming Dales Ring with Red Stone

Kirna Zabete Ring with Circle Design

Wolf & Badger Magenta Colored Pendant

Nordstrom Different Colored Stone Bracelet

Matches Fashion  White Silver Colored Bracelet

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