Isekai Ojisan: Yousuke Shibazaki (Ojisan or Uncle) Cosplay Guide

Yousuke Shibazaki Full Cosplay Guide

Ojisan or Yousuke Shibazaki is the uncle who got into a coma and woke up, later revealing to his nephew that he actually lived another life in a fantasy world. He serves as the primary character/deuterogonist in the show. He is also the titular character in the show.

This is our ultimate cosplay guide for Ojisan from Another World, specifically for Yousoke Shibazaki. All products are purchasable online. Please refer to the chart below for the product information.

Brown BootsFootwear$99Amazon
Clear Lens, Black Frame GlassesEyewear$15Amazon
Ojisan CostumeGloves, Upperwear, Belt, Bottomwear, Cloak$63EZ Cosplay


AmazonEZ Cosplay


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