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Order of Splatoon Comic Books 2022 Updated

Chronological Order

Volume NumberTitleYear PublishedPurchase Links
1Splatoon Volume 12017Amazon
2Splatoon Volume 22018Amazon
3Splatoon Volume 32018Amazon
4Splatoon Volume 42018Amazon
5Splatoon Volume 52018Amazon
6Splatoon Volume 62019Amazon
7Splatoon Volume 72019Amazon
8Splatoon Volume 82020Amazon
9Splatoon Volume 92020Amazon
10Splatoon Volume 102020Amazon
11Splatoon Volume 112021Amazon
12Splatoon Volume 122021Amazon
13Splatoon Volume 132021Amazon
14Splatoon Volume 142022Amazon
15Splatoon Volume 152022Amazon
16Splatoon Volume 162023(Pre-Order, Release on Feb.14 2023)Amazon (Pre-Order)




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