Balan Wonderworld Golfer Heights, Ages and Costumes

Golfer Boy~ 4 ft & 6.5 in~ 10 years old
Golfer Girl~ 4 ft & 6.5 in~ 10 years old

Analysis of Heights and Ages:

The golfers look like they have the same age and height based on the photo on Balan Wonderland Fandom. Moreover, their heights are estimated to be the same as the height of a boy or girl of their ages so, we estimated their heights to be 4 feet and 6.5 inches tall according to MD Health. Also, their ages are estimated to be 10 years old since they look like young kids who play sports, especially golf.

Image Sources: Amazon & Balan Wonderland Fandom


Amazon Balan Wonderland Golfer Costumes

Balan Wonderland Fandom

MD Health Height of Kids

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