Zorro The Chronicles: Diego de la Vega Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Don Diego de la Vega19~6’0 ½  

Age Analysis:

According to Zorro Fandom, Don Diego de la Vega is a 19 year old carefree, seductive, and dandy bachelor in Reina de Los Angeles.

Height Analysis:

The fandom doesn’t have any mention about Zorro’s height. By observing his scale in this Youtube Zorro the Chronicles Gameplay uploaded by Rubhen925, at the timestamp 21:42 in the video, we can see Zorro stand beside his horse named “Tornado”.

Tornado appears as a medium sized stallion, which means that he should have a shoulder height of around 164cm, this information was derived from this Generatio.de article. By looking at the timestamp in the video where Zorro (Diego de la Vega) is standing just beside Tornado, we can see that the shoulder height of the horse (Tornado) is similar to the neck height of Zorro.

Using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart as a visualizer, the correlation between Zorro and Tornado’s height gives us a hint that Zorro is somewhere around 185cm tall.


Zorro Fandom,

Youtube Zorro the Chronicles Gameplay uploaded by Rubhen925


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart


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