The Legend Of Bum-Bo: Bumbo Height And Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Bum-boUndefined (cartoon)~5 inch

Age Analysis:

Bum-bo’s cartoonish character design makes it impossible for us to make a proper estimate of his age. A wild guess of 18 years old can be extracted by listening to the noise/grunts he makes, however, this estimate is highly speculative.

Height Analysis:

By observing Bum-bo in this Youtube The Legend of Bum-bo Gameplay uploaded by ZackScottGames, at timestamp 2:10, we can see that the location of the game is in a cardboard box or carton. By scaling (visualizing) Bum-bo inside the box, we came up with the conclusion that Bum-bo should be somewhere around the height of 5 inch or 12.7 cm


Youtube The Legend of Bum-bo Gameplay uploaded by ZackScottGames


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