Omori: Characters Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Aubrey~16 (12 in Headspace)~5’4 (4’9 in Headspace)

Age Analysis:

Sunny is described as the player character and silent main protagonist in Omori according to Omori Fandom. SUNNY can be controlled and named by the player during the day. When night falls, Sunny is replaced by his alter-ego named Omori. The Fandom estimates Sunny to be a 16 year old boy.

Omori is the alter-ego of Sunny (Headspace version), he can only be controlled during the night. According to OMORI Fandom, Omori is the titular deuteragonist in the game. Omori holds a knife as his main weapon. Omori is estimated to be 12 years old, 4 years shorter compared to the estimated age of Sunny.

Aubrey is estimated to be a 16 year old girl living in Faraway Town. The Omori Fandom describes her as one of the main three deuteragonists in OMORI. She serves as a minor antagonist but has an alter-ego (Headspace version) that can become an ally to Omori.

Height Analysis:

Sunny is given an estimated height of around 68.3 inches or 173.5cm (5’8). This is in accordance with a growth research publish through a Healthline article.

Omori’s height has a significant difference when compared to Sunny’s height. With a 4 year (an puberty) difference, Omori should stand at around 10 inches shorter than Sunny, giving him an estimated height of around 58 inches or 164cm (4’8). This estimate is heavily based on a Healthline article.

Aubrey’s height should fall around 64 inches, based on this Healthline article. Her Headspace version is 12 years old, according to the same Healthline article, 12 year old girls have an average height of around 59 inches.



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