Blue Lock: Rising Star Characters Height and Age

Character NameHeightAge
Yoichi Isagi175cm17
Rin Itoshi186cm16
Seishiro Nagi190cm17
Ryushi Shido185cm17
Shoei Baro187cm18
Meguru Bachira176cm17
Hyoma Chigiri177cm17
Rensuke Kunigami188cm17
Reo Mikage185cm17


The heights and ages for all characters in this article are derived from Blue Lock Fandom. This list is exclusive only to the “Rising Stars” in the show.

Blue Lock is a soccer manga series with an upcoming anime adaptation. This manga was once recommended by Hajime Isayama to his fans when his own series “Attack on Titan” was about to reach its end.

According to this Twitter Post by @BlueLockManga, Hajime Isayama recommended and then commented on Blue Lock, saying, “This is a manga that all Japanese should defiantly read! and when you finally enjoy the end of my series “Attack on Titan” hopefully you would check out Blue Lock.”


Twitter Post by @BlueLockManga

Blue Lock Fandom


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