Serial Cleaners: Characters Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Bob C. Leaner~45~6’0
V3per Erin Reed~20~5’4
Lati Latisha Thomas~30s(early)~5’4
Psycho Haldor “Hal” Boen~40~5’10

Age Analysis:

Bob C. Leaner’s age was estimated by looking at his face in Draw Distance Official Serial Cleaners site. His facial appearance dictates that he is a man that is somewhere around the age of 45.

V3per Erin Reed is probably a young woman that is around 20 years old. This estimate uses two observations as a reference, first one is from her character trailer and the second one is her facial appearance. If you listen to the narrator on Reed’s character trailer in Youtube, the narrator mentions her as a “kid”, this means that she should be relatively young. When you look at her face on both the trailer and on Draw Distance Official Serial Cleaners, you will see that V3per Erin Reed is young but not too young, probably just around 20 to 25 years old.

Lati Lathisa Thomas’ appears as a mature women, when you look at her face on Draw Distance Official Serial Cleaners, you can see that she is probably a lady that is in his early 30s.

Psycho Haldor “Hal” Boen looks to be around the age of 40 in both the Draw Distance Official Serial Cleaners site and on his character trailer on Youtube.

Height Analysis:

Bob C. Leaner’s height was estimated by visualizing the scale difference between him and his environment in this character trailer from Youtube. When Bob is scaled besides a door, he is somewhere around 3.5/4 the size of the door. In this scenario, we assume that bob is probably quite a tall man, he is probably around 6 feet tall.

V3per Erin Reed’s height is average. Since the game is set in New York during the late 1990s, we used the average New Yorker female height as a reference for Reed’s height. According to World Population Review, female New Yorkers have an average height of around 5 feet and 4 inches. Reed should be somewhere around that height because when you observe her on her character trailer on Youtube, you will see that Reed easily blends in with the female crowd’s height.

Lati Lathisa Thomas’ height should fall in with the same average female height in New York which is 5 feet and 4 inches. This estimate can be observed on Lati’s Character Trailer on Youtube.

Psycho Haldor “Hal” Boen has an estimated height of around 5’10. This estimate was done by visualizing Psycho Haldor’s height scale difference to his surroundings in his character trailer on Youtube.


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