Hazel Sky: Engineer Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Young Engineer (Player Character)~18~4’7

Age Analysis:

If you look at the game review by I Dream of Indie Games on Youtube, you will see that at timestamp 4:21, the face of the young engineer is revealed. His facial appearance suggests that he is quite young. We estimate him to be around the age of 15.

Height Analysis:

In this PC Gameplay on Youtube Uploaded by MontanaPLAY, if you pause at timestamp 13:10, you can see the scale difference between a cabin door and the Young Engineer. If the door follows the standard door height mentioned on Rustica which is 80 inches, then that would give us a conclusion that the Young Engineer’s height must be around 55 inches or 140cm tall. This estimate was further visualized using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart.


I Dream of Indie Games on Youtube

PC Gameplay on Youtube Uploaded by MontanaPLAY


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart


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