Wayward Strand: Casey Beaumaris Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Casey Beaumaris14~4’3

Age Analysis:

According to Wayward Strand Fandom, Casey Beaumaris is the main character of Wayward Strand. She is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in a small town in Australia.

Height Analysis:

It seems like there isn’t yet any official height for Casey, however, by visualizing Casey in this Wayward Strand Launch Trailer on Youtube, we were able to estimate Casey’s height. She should be somewhere around the height of 130cm (4’3), if our calculations are correct.

The estimate or calculation was done by observing the scale difference between Casey and a reception desk. This can be seen in the Wayward Strand Launch Trailer on Youtube, during the time frame 0:36. When we pause the video exactly on that time frame, we can see Casey walking besides a desk. A reception counter/desk should have a height somewhere in between 30 to 42 inches. In this case, since the desk seems to be taller, we will use 42 inches. If Casey’s neck height is 42 inches relative to the maximum height of the desk, then she should have a total height of around 51.1 inches (4’3). This observation was visualized using Hikaku Sitatter height comparison chart.


Wayward Strand Fandom

Wayward Strand Launch Trailer on Youtube

Hikaku Sitatter


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