The Legend of Heroes: Characters Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Lloyd Bannings18~5’9
Rean Schwarzer~20~5’10
Renne17~5’4 ½
Shizuna Rem Misurugi24~5’7
Estelle Bright~20~5’4
Rixia Mao21~5’4
Tio Plato14~4’11

Age Analysis:

Most of the data listed in the chart above were derived from Kiseki Fandom.

In the new Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero game, Lloyd Banning plays as the main protagonist.

As the timeline in the series progresses, the characters become older. In the age list, we used their latest available age.

Height Analysis:

The height list in the chart above are all conversion estimates that was derived from the fandom. For an exact height, please refer to the list below:

Lloyd Bannings is 175cm tall.

Rean Schwarzer is 178cm tall.

Renne is 164cm tall.

Shizuna Rem Misurugi is 170cm tall.

Estelle Bright is 162cm tall.

Rixia Mao is 162cm tall.

Tio Plato is 150cm tall.

Just like the characters’ ages, the timeline progression of the series also affects the height of some characters. In this article, we used the characters latest height.


Kiseki Fandom

Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero


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