Little Orpheus: Ivan Ivanovich Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Ivan Ivanovich~40~5’10

Age Analysis:

Ivan Ivanovich is the playable character in the game. There is no official height for Ivan, so we will have to speculate everything based on his looks. Judging by his appearance in this Youtube Game Review uploaded by The Escapist, Ivan appears as an adult man, probably somewhere around the age of 40.

Height Analysis:

The height of Ivan is also unofficial.  AP News mentions in one of their articles that a Russian cosmonaut will require a minimum height of 5 feet and 4 ½ inches, and a maximum height of 6 feet for them to properly fit inside Russian spacecrafts. With this information in mind, we create an assumption that Ivan Ivanovich cannot go below 5’4 and also cannot go past 6 feet tall. We will give a final height estimate of 5’10 for Ivan. This conclusion is heavily based on a 2022 World Population Average Height Review.


Youtube Game Review uploaded by The Escapist

AP News

2022 World Population Average Height Review


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