Gerda A Flame in Winter: Characters Height and Age

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Age Analysis:

Gerda Larsen is the main protagonist in the game. She does not have an official age in-game. Judging by her looks, she looks to be around 25 years old.

Anders’s age is also unofficial. Judging by his appearance and relationship with Gerda, we estimate that he should be just around the same age range as Gerda.

Height Analysis

By using this Youtube Gameplay from MadMorph, we can see that in her character dialogue box, Gerda is a girl with German and Danish nationality. Danish girls are typically tall, with an average height of around 5 feet and 8 inches. However, it seems like Gerda did not inherit the same Danish height attribute since she looks to be a lot smaller in the game. We reckon she is about 5 feet and 3 inches tall. By going to the time frame 1:47 in the gameplay uploaded by MadMorph on Youtube, when Gerda is scaled next to Anders, she appears to be around the chin height level of Anders.

Anders is portrayed as a man with Danish nationality in his dialogue box. We assume that his height should be around 5’11 (Average Danish Height, as listed in one Insider Article). By using Hikaku Sitatter height comparison chart, we scaled Gerda and Anders beside one another. We came up we a result that a girl with a height of 160cm (5’3), when scaled next to a man that has a height of 181cm (5’11), would have a “chin or mouth height level” next to the guy.


Youtube Gameplay from MadMorph

Insider Article

Hikaku Sitatter


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