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Reincarnated as a Sword (Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita): Characters Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Master (the Sword)30~4’3

Analysis for the Ages of the Characters:

Fran’s age was derived from Ten Ken Fandom. The fandom mentions Fran to be a 13 year old catgirl (after a certain “forest training”).

Master or Teacher is the magical sword, a persona lives inside the sword. According to Ten Ken Fandom, the volume 1 in the novel reveals that the sword contains the persona of a 30 year old man, a guy that died in another world and was then reincarnated as a sword.

Analysis for the Heights of the Characters:

Fran can be described as a small, young, and petite demi-human (cat girl). In reference to an article from HoodMWR, a 13 year old girl should have an average height of around 156cm. However, Fran appears to be much smaller due to her petite nature, therefore we included a slight deviation for Fran’s height, giving her an estimated height of around 142.24cm (4ft 8in).

Master or Teacher is described as a longsword by the Ten Ken Fandom. According to Wikipedia, longswords have an average length of around 100 – 130 cm. By observing the scaling difference between Fran and the Sword in the anime trailer (0:43 timeframe in the trailer), it seems like the sword is a bit taller compared to Fran. Fran at this time should be 12 years old still, so we assume that after 1 year, Fran may have grown taller than the sword. We will give a conclusion that Master or The Sword should have a length of around 130cm. Hikaku Sitatter was used to further visualize this comparison.


Ten Ken Fandom



anime trailer

Hikaku Sitatter


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