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Hazbin Hotel Main Characters’ Heights and Ages

Charlie Morningstar6 ft & 2 in200+ years old (chronological) 20’ s (biological)
Vaggie~ 5 ft & 4 in20’ s (biological)
Angel Dust~ 6 ft & 5 in30’ s (biological)
Alastor7 ft & 0 in30’ s – 40’ s (biological)
Husk~ 2 ft & 8 in60’s – 70’ s (biological)
Niffty~ 2 ft & 5 in22 (biological)


Charlie Morningstar’s height was stated on Charlie Morning Star Hazbin Hotel Fandom so, we will start analyzing the height of Vaggie.

Moreover, “Vaggie is a slim demon with muted gray-lavender colored skin. Her hair is white and has a jagged, moth-like shape to the cut, with gray-lavender stripes at the ends according to Hazbin Hotel Fandom.” Although she looks tall since she is slim, her height is typically the height of a twenties woman. So, she probably is 5 feet and 4 inches.

Next, “Angel Dust has a slender build and is also the tallest of the main cast of characters with his heels. He is estimated to stand around 8 feet with his heels on according to Wiki Fandom.” So, he is probably 6 feet and 5 inches without his heels because his heels look 1.5 inches tall.

Then, “Husk is an anthropomorphic avian cat demon according to Hazbin Hotel Wiki.” So, he looks like a tall and big cat. With that, we estimated his height to be 2 feet and 8 inches tall based on Cat N Friends.

Lastly, “Niffty is s a small one-eyed demon, akin to a Cyclops according to Hazbin Hotel Fandom Niffty.” So, she is probably shorter than Husk as she is small, then, we estimated her height as 2 feet and 5 inches tall.


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