Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Kiwi, Pilar & Rebecca Cosplay Costumes

CharactersItemsPricesDirect Links
KiwiYellow WigUS $18.99Amazon
 Pink Face MaskUS $12.99Amazon
 Red Long DressUS $288.00Amazon
 Pink Slim PantsUS $33.75Amazon
PilarSunglassesUS $19.99Amazon
 Sleeveless JacketUS $38.98 – $41.88Amazon
 Black BeltUS $13.27Amazon
 Black Long Jagger PantsUS $15.99 – $28.06Amazon
RebeccaMint Green WigUS $45.90Amazon
 Earphones HeadbandUS $15.99Amazon
 Big Black JacketUS $190.65 – $249.00Amazon

#1 Kiwi

Image Sources: Amazon and Cyberpunk Wiki

Kiwi has yellow hair, a pink face mask, a red long gown dress, and pink slim pants as her outfits or costumes. Moreover, the yellow hair or wig can be bought for only US $18.99. The pink face mask is US $12.99. The red long gown is US $288.00. Lastly, the pink slim pants are US $33.75. All of these costumes are available to buy on Amazon.

#2 Pilar

Image Sources: Cyberpunk Wiki and Amazon

Pilar is wearing sunglasses in orange color, sleeveless jackets, a black belt, and black long jogger pants. Furthermore, the sunglasses are US $19.99. The sleeveless jacket is US $38.98 – $41.88. The black belt is US $13.27. Lastly, the black long jogger pants are US $15.99 – $28.06. All of the costumes can be bought on Amazon.

#3 Rebecca

Image Sources: Cyberpunk Wiki and Amazon

Rebecca has mint green hair, an earphones headband, and a big black jacket. Moreover, the mint green hair wig is US $45.90. The earphones headband is US $15.99. Lastly, the big black jacket is US $190.65 – $249.00. All the costumes or items can be bought on Amazon.


Cyberpunk Fandom Kiwi, Pilar & Rebecca Picture

Amazon Yellow Wig

Amazon Pink Face Mask

Amazon Red Long Dress

Amazon Pink Slim Pants

Amazon Sunglasses

Amazon Sleeveless Jacket

Amazon Black Belt

Amazon Black Long Jagger Pants

Amazon Mint Green Wig

Amazon Earphones Headband

Amazon Big Black Jacket

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