Cyberpunk: Edgerunners David Martinez Height and Weight Before and After Time Skip


David Martinez~185 lbs~5’6


David Martinez~264 lbs~6’3

Pre Time Skip Analysis

David Martinez is a Hispanic teenager, his height in the show should fall in line with the average Hispanic male height which is 5 ft and 7.4 inches. This average Hispanic male height was derived from Medical News Today. A slight height deviation to 5’6 is given to David because he is still somewhere around 17 years old, which means he hasn’t fully grown up yet.

Post Time Skip Analysis

Regarding the weight of David, a healthy weight maximum range for a 5’6, 17 year old male should be at most 154 lbs (70kg), This healthy weight BMI was derived from Since David has cyberware tech installed on his spine, his overall weight should a bit higher, and so we added around 13kg to his overall weight.

After getting heavily modified, David received a significant amount change to his height and weight. This is observable in the 7th episode of the anime. When David is scaled besides Rebecca, the top of the head of Rebecca is now on the same height as the upper torso of David, whereas back then, Rebecca was around neck level to David’s height.

As for David’s weight in the time-skip, he should now be much heavier than ever, weighing at around 264lbs or around 120kg because of all that chrome he has. Note that this weight data is highly speculatory because there is no info about the weights of cyberware, not even in the Cyberpunk Game.


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Netflix

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