Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 6 Districts of the Night City

#1 City Center

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City Center is the real showcase of Night City. The once smoldering battlefield of the 4th Corporate War and nuclear fallout from the Arasaka Tower assault was now completely restored. Restoration of the district was a lengthy and costly process — it started in the 2030s and ended just recently when the Arasaka Tower was rebuilt in the 2070s. By 2077, it was now the most fortified district in all of Night City according to Wiki Fandom.

Moreover, filled with modern, cutting-edge architecture, City Center is where anyone can witness the unrivaled might of mega-corporations. This is where the rich and overworked spend their lives, building up the economic power of Night City.

#2 Heywood

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Heywood is seen as a district of complete contrast. The north borders the City Center and is where you’ll find lush parks and modern skyscrapers towering high above. However further south, the district changes drastically, with dangerous and unwelcoming slums dominating the urban landscape. The Valentinos and 6th Street gangs have control over this district and are constantly fighting according to Cyberpunk Fandom.

Moreover, It’s known by the locals as “the biggest bedroom in Night City.” Due to a majority living in this area, the richer parts of Heywood are primarily occupied by corpos. For every rule, there’s always the exception — an odd soul from outside the corporate circle that occasionally manages to get an apartment. The rest are just happy they get to live in Heywood, with their only realistic alternatives being Pacifica or the industrial wasteland outside of the city.

#3 Westbrook

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Westbrook is considered by many to be the best place to live and have fun in all of Night City. It is home to many wealthy elites, celebrities, corporates, and the most influential members of society. This was not always the case. However, in 2023, after the nuclear bomb set off in the Arasaka Tower, a portion of Westbrook closest to the City Center sustained significant damage, turning skyscrapers into ghostly, crooked skeletons for the next two decades.

Moreover, during the great restoration of Night City, residents saw the many ruins removed and replaced by Asian corporations. The once dangerous Combat Zone was revived into an exclusive, ultra-secure District.

#4 Watson

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Watson was originally the military city of North Oak, including some parts of the neighboring Westbrook. After the Fourth Corporate War, the region was flooded by refugees who built their own tent camps around the area. As the rebuilding of Night City began, the whole of the old North Oak has renamed the Watson Development, with plans to build a massive corporate center adjacent to the one in City Center according to Fandom Wiki.

Moreover, for a period of time, Watson was a thriving district. People visited the various Nightclubs, skyscrapers, corporate offices, a top-end Medcenter, and even the biggest black market in all of Night City. Many Japanese corporations invested billions of eurodollars into the district competing with the giant Arasaka, their intent was to make it self-sufficient and prosperous. Everything changed after the Unification War, and Arasaka returned to the city. It bled the corporations dry and changed Watson forever.

#5 Santo Domingo

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Santo Domingo is one of the oldest districts in Night City. Due to its location, the district avoided any major damage from the 4th Corporate War. It turned into a provisional camp for thousands of citizens seeking shelter. By 2077, the settlements were all gone and Santo Domingo had become a testing ground for industrial projects; corporations destroy old factories, only to build new ones in their place according to Cyberpunk Fandom.

Meanwhile, residents seek a desperate living in the crowded mega buildings — hoping for better things to come. It didn’t take long for a couple of ex-military veterans to group together and take matters into their own hands. The district then became home to the 6th Street Gang.

#6 Pacifica

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Pacifica was originally envisioned as Night City’s vacation resort for the ultra-wealthy. It was to be a true paradise, catering to corporate employees and tourists alike with its golden sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and unmatched entertainment according to Fandom Wiki.

Moreover, by 2045, the resort functioned as intended, becoming home to the Playland by the Sea amusement park, protected by Militech security contractors, and attracting crowds from San Francisco and other parts of California. In addition, the developing Coastview condos offered a view of the sea, as well as relaxation and rest for those who could afford them


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