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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 4 Places Where the Anime Takes Place

#1 Night City

Image Source: Wiki Fandom

Night City is an autonomous city located on the border between North and South California, on the Pacific coast of North America. It is considered a modern multicultural metropolis of the 21st-century, overrun by corporations, corruption, organized crime and gang violence based on Cyberpunk Wiki.

Moreover, Night City was established at the head of Del Coronado Bay in 1994. Founded by Richard Night, it was originally known as Coronado City before its renaming in 1998.

#2 Eastern Wastelands

Image Source: Cyberpunk Wiki

The Eastern Wastelands, the barren deserted hellscape to the east of Night City, is both a testimony and legacy of the irreversible climate collapse that was triggered by the wars and the extreme exploitation of natural resources during the last decade of the 20th century and the first ones of the 21st according to Fandom.

Moreover, Not much has remained over the years, with the exception of ghost towns and derelict structures from a distant past. Only nomads and scavengers roam the wilderness and even they struggle to find anything useful out there.

#3 Badlands

Image Source: Cyberpunk Fandom

The Badlands is a vast arid region that extends across the states of Northern and Southern California, on the West Coast of the New United States of America. This desert surrounds most of Night City according to Wiki Fandom.

Moreover, the golden opportunities in this place are the unchecked resource extraction and derelict oil fields dominating the north. Wastelands are full of chemicals and landfills reign supreme in the east. Acid rains are a result of the massive pollution, this guarantees nothing will ever grow there anytime soon, perhaps ever, while the winds carry the unbearable stench that makes sure Night City doesn’t forget this place exists.

#4 Moon

Image Source: Cyberpunk Fandom

The Moon, also known as Luna, is the Earth’s only natural satellite. A Lunar “day” takes approximately 2 Earth weeks according to Fandom Wiki.

Moreover, two permanent cities exist on the Moon: Tycho and Copernicus, both controlled by the Euro Space Agency. As both cities were built underground, their construction required blasting and nuclear-powered heat smelters to form park-like caverns, eventually being topped with smelted lunar sand pressure domes to provide air and recycling.


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