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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 3 Sub-District of the City Center

#1 Corpo Plaza

Image Source: Cyberpunk Fandom

Corpo Plaza is the jewel of neopostmodern, neomilitaristic architecture, paradoxically owing its style to the tragedy that occurred in 2023. The terrorist attack on the former Arasaka Tower damaged and destroyed the surrounding buildings. Rebuilt after the Fourth Corporate War, Corpo Plaza is now the home to the most recognizable fixtures of Night City according to Cyberpunk Fandom.

Moreover, the Plaza is a sign of the corporations’ return to power after long years of humiliation and disgrace – its giant skyscrapers and towering megabuildings are once again hosted to the offices’ complexes of Arasaka and Militech, the very same corporations that destroyed the city half a century ago.

#2 Arasaka Tower

Image Source: Fandom Wiki

The Arasaka American Division Headquarters (more commonly known as the Arasaka Tower) is a massive skyscraper located in Corpo Plaza, Night City based on Fandom Wiki.

Furthermore, during its different iterations, it usually was the building that dominated the skyline of the city and was often its most secure location. By 2077, the new tower not only was the tallest building in Night City, but it had also become a symbol of its neomilitaristic skyline.

#3 Memorial Park

Image Source: Wiki

The Memorial Park is Corpo Plaza’s main feature, a huge ring between the corporations’ headquarters. It is also a tribute to the countless victims of the Fourth Corporate War according to Wiki.

The park itself is divided into different sections. The main one is right on the top of the structure, with a huge crystal dome in the middle allowing the view of the highways that cross through, and the four sub-level sections, each accessed through the roundabouts’ sidewalk. There is also an NCART station, and the Night Corp maglev project will include its main station in the structure as well.


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners List of 3 Sub-Districts of the Center City

Cyberpunk Corpo Plaza

Cyberpunk Arasaka Tower

Cyberpunk Memorial Park

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