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Top 10 Trans Influencers Photos Before & After Transition

#1 Lea T

Image Sources: Teircero Tempo & Article Bio

According to The Richest, Lea T, born in 1981, is an internationally celebrated Brazilian fashion model who has been featured on numerous high fashion magazine covers including Vogue Paris and Interview. Lea reached fame as the beautiful face of Givenchy Haute Couture in 2010. She is known as one of the world’s top fashion models and is an iconic pop culture figure of the 21st century.

Moreover, Lea T was born Leandro Cerezo and grew up in Italy, the son of international soccer star Toninho Cerezo and a religious Catholic mother. All through childhood, Leo questioned his sexuality and identity based on Oprah.

#2 Eli Erlick

Image Source: Instagram

According to The Richest, Eli Erlick, born in 1995, is the youngest person in North America to receive sexual reassignment surgery. She is the director of Trans Student Equality Resources, an organization that she founded in 2011, which advocates for the improvement of the educational environment for transgender students. As a transgender activist and public speaker, Eli aids school districts in adopting transgender-inclusive policies nationwide.

#3 Lillian Lennon

Image Source: Instagram

According to Teen Line Online, she started as a field organizer, 19 -year old transgender and queer activist Lillian Lennon helped defeat Proposition 1, an anti-transgender bathroom bill in Anchorage, Alaska. As a conversion therapy survivor, Lillian joined forces with the advocacy group Fair Anchorage in 2017 to spread trans awareness and fight to protect trans rights. “Trans and gender non-conforming people still have to live in areas of Alaska without basic protections and we have to change that.”

#4 Nikkie de Jagger

Image Sources: Youtuber Facts and Instagram

According to GoMag, Beauty YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials, gave us a tutorial on much more than makeup this year. With a flawless face that we are so used to seeing, she took the brave step to let the world know she is a transgender woman. It is unfortunate that she felt she had to come out due to threats to her, but she turned the hate into an opportunity to educate and inspire young trans people to be themselves.

Moreover, her 17-minute long coming out video tells of Nikkie’s journey and how she feels about her successful career. She encouraged watchers to “live your life, with no restrictions” and has a message of hope for 2020 to be more accepting of all people and bodies.

#5 Jammi Dodger

Image Sources: Daily Mail UK & Instagram

According to GoMag,  Jammi Dodger, sometimes known as Jamie Raines, is a Trans YouTuber who is well known in the community for providing support and advice through his videos. He has documented much of his transition, as he has been making videos for years. His own experiences are now available to know what to expect from Top Surgery, Bottom Surgery, and marrying a cisgender heterosexual woman.

Moreover, he said that “It’s not easy to understand the complexity of trans lives if you are not in the community, and he gives the benefit of the doubt that Trisha just didn’t understand how damaging those words were. I respect Jamie for using this as an opportunity to spread love and support to the trans community.”

#6 Nikita Dragun

Image Sources: Instagram

According to Teen Line Online, Nikita Dragun is a social media star, model, makeup artist, fashion entrepreneur, beauty guru, and trans-right activist. She first rose to fame from her highly popular YouTube channel when she posted an emotional video tagged “I am transgender”, which has since gone viral. Her YouTube currently has 1.8 million subscribers and she uses her platform to advocate for Trans Rights, authenticity, acceptance, and inclusivity.

#7 Kai Wes Bigwood

Image Sources: Instagram

According to Teen Line Online, Kai Wes Bigwood is a transmasculine nonbinary hero. Using their Instagram platform to document their top surgery and transition, Bigwood advocates for trans-awareness and anti-LGBT+ bullying. They have a shock of coiffed blonde hair, regularly rock beanies and backward caps, and frequently post photos of themselves shirtless, embracing their post-op chest. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Bigwood is able to bear all with a bit more ease than in other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t face discrimination or other forms of prejudice.

#8 Gigi Gorgeous

Image Source: Instagram

According to GoMag, Forbes calls her a Digital Star, GO calls her and her partner The Lesbian Couple Of The Digital Generation, and The New York Times calls her something I couldn’t see because it was behind a paywall. Gigi Gorgeous Getty graced the cover of GO Magazine with her partner Nats Getty in February 2018. The transgender star has documented her journey for YouTube fans for years, sharing the highs and lows of transitioning while keeping her positive attitude throughout.

Moreover, Gigi’s positive influence on the trans community and her inspiring love story give queer people everywhere hope for everlasting love and full acceptance.

#9 Vivek Shraya

Image Sources: Instagram

According to Teen Line Online, Shraya identifies as a queer, trans woman of color whose purpose is to bring awareness to racism and reimagine gender as a fluid concept. In her book of poetry, even though this page is white, Shraya shines a light on the effects of racism and colonialism in Canada whereas in her recent non-fiction book, I’m Afraid of Men, she speaks about the fear of masculinity imposed on her throughout her life as a boy and a woman.

On her Instagram, Vivek Shraya pushes the boundaries between masculinity and femininity and inspires others like herself or near a similar position to push with her.

#10  Corey Maison

Image Source: Instagram

According to Teen Line Online, Corey Maison knew she wanted to be a girl when she was 11 years old but was scared of disapproval from her parents. Little did she know that her mother, Erica, was coming to terms with a new gender identity of her own. Four years later, they’ve become a father-daughter duo that faces every step of their unique journey with strength and pride.

Back in January, Katie Couric featured Corey and Eric’s story as part of her Gender Revolution, a National Geographic special series. “They are moving in opposite directions but toward their true selves,” she wrote of their dynamic.


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