Top 5 Best Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Mod You Can Put Into Your Cyberpunk Game

#1 Edgerunners – Lucy’s Outfit


Just as the title says, this outfit is pulled straight out from the Edgerunner series. It features the main heroine’s outfit which a player can equip in the game.

#2 Edgerunners Radio – A Radio Extension Mod


If you liked the radio in Edgerunners, you can add this mod to your game, it will do exactly as what the title says.

#3 I Really Want to Stay at Your House – Cyberpunk Edgerunners – Main Menu Music Replacer


This mod was designed for masochists who want to get hit right in the feels. This mod adds the sad theme from the Edgerunner series as a main theme in the Cyberpunk 2077 game menu, enough to make a grown man cry.

#4 Edgerunner Rebecca’s Pistol


A simple retexture to one gun in game. It replaces the texture designs making it look like the same piston Rebecca used in the anime.

#5 David’s Hairstyle


Add David’s hairstyle as a hairstyle option in the game. No emotional traumas attached.


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