Sir Eatsalot: Sir Eatsalot’s Height and Age

Sir Eatsalot~ 25 years old~ 0 ft & 7 in


According to Nintendo, Sir Eatsalot is King Dietan III dispatches his greatest, bravest, stoutest knight. The kingdom of Gluttington was at peace until one day, Hysterica poisoned the Isotonic Waters with sour lemonade. That evil witch! The kingdom’s crops are withering, but this plague has yet to befall all the lands. However, he is the knight that will save them all from this evil witch.

Moreover, every hero needs a snack now and then, so don’t forget to interact with your surroundings and eat a donut or two on your way according to Releases.

On the other hand, Sir Eatsalot is shorter than a rat when he has a fight with it because of the donut according to Nintendo. The rat is about 9 to 10 inches tall based on Rodents Friends so; we estimated Sir Eatsalot’s height to be 7 inches tall.



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