Top 10 Crazy Facts about Dora the Explorer

#1 The main protagonist, Dora, was played by four actresses namely Fatima Ptacek, Caitlin Sanchez, Leisha Medina and Kathleen Herles but in different episodes of the TV series.

#2 The monkey friend of Dora, Boots, was played by two actors namely Regan Mizrahi and Harrison Chad but in different episodes of the TV series.

#3 The ages of Dora and Boots are 7 years old and 5 years old according to Fandom Wiki.

#4 The height of Dora is estimated to be the same as a 7 years old little girl so, she probably is 3 feet and 8.41 inches according to New Health Advisor.

#5 The height of Boots is estimated to be shorter than Dora based on his image on IMDB, so he is probably 3 feet and 1 inch tall.

#6 One of the characters in the series was Swiper, a stealer of items. Then, whenever Swiper manages to steal items from Dora and Boots, he exclaims “You’ll never find it now!”, but the stolen items are always found and retrieved within a few seconds.

#7 Dora the Explorer is the longest-running Nick Jr. show that continued for approximately 19 years.

#8 In the TV series, we have known Dora without the last name but there was that one episode that told us what her surname is. Furthermore, Dora’s last name is Márquez and it was revealed in Dora the Explorer: Grandma’s House (2000).

#9 Dora has a cousin named Diego but he was introduced during the Season 3 of Dora the Explorer.

#10 Dora the Explorer became a hit instantly after its premiere due to its high ratings while the first three episodes premiered (The Legend of the Big Red Chicken (11 am), Lost and Found (11:30 am) and Choo-Choo! (8 pm)).


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