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10 Luxury Ear Accessories As Gift Ideas For Your Female Loved Ones

#1 I Ventagli Medusa Ear Cuff

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First one on our list is the I Ventagli Medusa Ear Cuff, a luxury ear cuff designed by Versace. This ear cuff features several multicolored Swarovski crystals stacked in a golden base. This one is made in Italy and is currently the highest-priced Versace “earrings for women ” available on the Versace online store.

You can buy this on Versace Online for $1,165.


#2 Fendace Crystal Earrings

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The Fendace Crystal Earring features a glamorous mirror-like fractal main design. The metals used in this accessory are brass and it is finished with Versace gold.

This earring can be bought on Versace Online for a price of $920.


#3 I Ventagli Medusa Earrings

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Much like the Medusa Ear Cuff, this Ventagli Medusa Earring contains Swarovski Crystals embedded within several layers of Versace gold, in the middle top portion of the item, the medusa image can be seen.

This item can be bought on Versace Online, with a price tag of $640.


#4 Versace Logo Hoop Earrings

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Made out of brass and finished with Versace gold as a layer, this earring boasts the Versace brand as represented in the letterings accompanied by the hanging Medusa head in its center loop.

This item can be bought on Versace Online, it has a price of around $605.


#5 Custom Chanel Earrings (Metal, Strass, Tweed & Resin Gold, Beige, Pink, Fuchsia, Multicolor & Black)

A custom built Chanel earring that has a magnificent drop of Fuchsia, Gold, and Black colors. The depth and artistry of this item is totally out of this world, we can tell that just by looking at it.

This can be purchased on Chanel, with a price tag of $2,475.


#6 Custom Chanel Earrings (Gold & Red)


Golden link, lettering, and lining all bathed in vermillion red and deep crimson, this Chanel earring gives off a “strong and flavorful” vibe to whoever wears it.

You can buy this item on the Chanel Store for a price of $1,350.


#7 Bouton De Camélia Earrings

Currently listed as the most expensive earring on the fine jewellery section for earrings on Chanel, this earring is designed with 84 total brilliant cuts made out of 18k white gold.

You can buy this earring on Chanel Store Online for $29,550


#8 Custom Chanel Earring (Metal, Strass, Tweed, Resin & Calfskin Gold, Multicolor & Black) Oval Version

A smaller and simpler version to the one we listed on number 5, this oval version contains calfskin gold and has embroidered treads which creates a multicolour design inside the frame.

This can be purchased on Chanel Online Store for a price of $1,425.


#9 Chanel 2019 Strass CC Drop Earrings


An Editor’s Pick on TheRealReal, this Chanel drop style earring stands out as it features flag-like brilliant crystals which are all made out of strass and has a side gold plating.

This can be purchased on TheRealReal, it has a price tag of $2,495.


#10 Chanel Mademoiselle Diamond Amethyst Sapphire Pearl White Gold Earrings

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A fruit-like designed earrings made out of pearl, amethyst, sapphire, diamond, and white gold. This one is a perfect gift for people who are aficionados of simplicity and calm style.

This earring can be bought on 1stDibs, it has a price tag of $9,000.



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