12 Expensive Items Queen Elizabeth II Owned Before She Passed Away: Similar Products You Can Buy

Item NamePricePurchase Link
Dorgi$200 – $2,000 (You can also adopt)Puppy Finder
Racehorse$1000 – $2000Bloodstock (Regular Horse Only)
Bentley Limousine$35000We Sell Limos
Range Rover$1000 – $35000Classic
Cullinan Diamond$82501st Dibs(Fragmented Jewelry)
Aberdeen Angus Cow$800 – $3000Sell My Livestock(Europe Only)
Swan$2000 – $5000StrombergsChickens
Tortoise$20 – $400(Depends on age)Imperial Reptiles
Daimler Car$11000 – $40000Reezocar
Rolls Royce$150000 – $300000Royce Motorcars
1984 Jaguar Saloon$2000 – $20000Hemmings
Launer Handbag$1500 – $2500Launer

Product Descriptions:

#1 Dorgi – a dorgi is a cross between a Dachshund and a Welsh Corgi according to Wikipedia. Former Queen Elizabeth II was probably the main person who made this breed type popular because the media witnessed that she owns one of this dog in her royal home. Specifically, the Dorgi is not an official breed as it is not recognized by any major dog club but many people are selling them online.

#2 Racehorses – According to Skysports, the Queen have had a nice passion towards horse racing. Queen Elizabeth II owned several racehorses and she won many racing derbies through them.

#3 Bentley Limousine – The Bentley Company (Bentley Motors Limited) created the Bentley State Limousine for her royal highness. According to Wikipedia, only two of these cars were produced until the Queen died.

#4 Range Rover – According to MotorBiscuit, the Queen was a devout land rover fan. The Queen can be occasionally seen inside a Land Rover car during many of her ceremonials both at home and abroad.

#5 Cullinan Diamond – This diamond is one of the most valuable gems that the royal family has. It was known to be the biggest diamond at that time of its discovery (1905) in South Africa. During that time, the place was still until British control and the gem was offered to the royal family.

#6 Aberdeen Angus Cow – Although not exactly “expensive”, this type of cow was a present from Canada to the Queen during her visit in 2005. These cows never went anywhere along with the Queen, instead they just stayed in Calgary.

#7 Swan – In River Thames, the Queen owns all of the swans in the area according to Get Pocket.

#8 Aldabra Giant Tortoise – According to Get Pocket, these native tortoises were present to the Queen during her official visit in Seychelles in 1972.

#9 Daimler – According to Hot Cars, there is a custom built Daimler Super V8 LWB that was designed for the Queen, it was delivered to her in 2001. Considering that it is a custom car, you probably cannot purchase a similar custom build, however, these types of cars are still being sold online.

#10 Rolls Royce – Rolls Royce is and was a company that was in deep-ties with the monarchy a long time ago. The Queen is known to have a collection of these cars with the Rolls Royce brand, along with other car brands.

#11 1984 Jaguar Saloon – This car was auctioned back in 2010. The 1984 Jaguar Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon, according to Steemit, was an exclusive collectibles owned by the Queen.

#12 Launer Handbag – According to People.com, Queen Elizabeth II can be seen carrying the Launer handbag in many of her official trips. Many have deemed it to be the favourite handbag of the queen since she has been using it again and again for over 50 years.






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