Top 5 Most Expensive Bentley Pen in 2022

1Fountain pen Bentley Ebony MUS $1,325.00Bentley Ebony
2Rollerball pen Bentley EbonyUS $870.00Bentley Ebony
3Ballpoint pen Bentley EbonyUS $760.00Bentley Ebony
4Fountain pen Bentley Limited Edition Barnato BUS $675.00Bentley Limited Edition Barnato
5Rollerball pen Bentley Limited Edition BarnatoUS $625.00Bentley Limited Edition Barnato

The top 3 most expensive Bentley Pen is made of Ebony. Furthermore, Ebony is a finely textured and highly durable wood, making it the perfect choice for a quality writing instrument.

On the other hand, the 4th and 5th spots were made of Woolf Barnato metal. The metal barrel is lacquered in the characteristic Barnato dark green color and guilloched in the signature diamond pattern created by Bentley. The chrome-plated front and end sections also gleam in dark green.


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