Tunic: The Fox Age and Height

Character NameAgeHeight
Fox (playable character)~1at least~2’10


We couldn’t find any official data about the playable fox in the game, therefore used information solely based on real life foxes.

In the game, it looks like the fox is an adult. An adult fox should at least be one year old. According to Wildlife Online, foxes are considered cubs until they reach 4 months old. After four months, the fox is considered a juvenile and once it reaches 1 year old, it becomes an adult.

Regarding the height of the character, we will be using the overall length of an adult fox. According to Britannica, an adult red fox can reach a measure of 36 inches up to 42 inches, with the tail length included. In the Tunic game, the fox is standing on two of its legs, we shall disregard the tail length which is around 14-16 inch. By using the midpoint on the estimated lengths, we will use the overall length number of 39 and the tail length number of 15. We subtract the tail length from the overall body length and we get the number 24, which means that without the tail, the body length of the fox is 24 inches. Since the fox is standing on 2 hind legs, we shall add some inches to its body length to get the overall standing height. The problem is that, there isn’t any information about how tall is the hind legs of the fox, so we simply estimated it by correlating the leg length to the tail. It looks like the leg is almost just as tall as the tail, probably around 10 inches tall. We add the 10 inches to 24 and we get a standing height of 34 inches (2’10).



Wildlife Online


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