Hoshi No Samidare (The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer): Amamiya Yuuhi

Character NameAgeHeight
Amamiya Yuuhi30 (19 in the anime)~5’7


Amamiya Yuuhi has a character profile on Hoshino Samidare Fandom, and in there it is said that he is 19 years old during the events in the anime while in chapter 65 (presumably the manga), he is already 30 years old.

The height of Amamiya Yuuhi is not mentioned anywhere, therefore we assumed that there is yet to be any official height for him. By looking at some frames of the show, it looks like Amamiya is just around the same height as everybody else, especially the generic background male characters. This gives us a conclusion that Amamiya should have an average adult Japanese male height which is around 5’7. The height average information was derived from Healthline.



Hoshino Samidare Fandom


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