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Ghostwire Tokyo: Akito Height and Age

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It is listed in Ghostwire Tokyo Fandom, on Akito’s biographical information section, that Akito is 22 years old.

There is yet to be any official data about the height of Akito. The height listed in the chart above was estimated by visually observing Akito when he was crouching (kneeling) beside a car (presumably a type of Kei car). Kei cars are typically 2 meters tall (6 ft 6 in). When kneeling, we lose approximately 11 inches of our height. In one frame of the game from Youtube (2:34 timestamp), we can see Akito kneeling beside a white car, if the car is 2 meters tall and Akito is around ¾ the overall height of the car while kneeling, then that means he has a kneeling height of around 59.05 inches. We add 11 inches to 59, we get 70 inches, giving us a rough estimate of Akito’s height which is 5 ft and 10 inches.



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