Destroy All Humans: Cryptosporidium Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Cryptosporidium 136Undiscernable / Alien~3’7


Cryptosporidium is an alien cloned species and there is no available data about its age. Given that it is an alien and that there is little known about its history prior to its arrival on Earth, it is impossible for us to create an age estimate for the creature.

By looking at some pictures of Crypto clones on Destroy All Humans Fandom, we can see that a table (presumably a desk table) has the same height level to Crypto’s neck. These kinds of tables should be around 30 inches tall. We will correlate this information with Crypto’s image in order to create a height estimate.

If the human average head length is around 10 inches, we will simply add 30 inches to 10, giving us 40, however, in this case, Cryto appears to have a larger head because he is an alien, therefore, we should give a slight adjustment to his head length and make it 13 inches (12 inches is the human maximum average). By adding the table height to the head length of Crypto, we will have an estimated height of 43 inches (3 ft 7 in). This estimate was made possible by using information from a Colonel Height Blog.


Colonel Height Blog

Destroy All Humans Fandom


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