Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit’s Height and Age

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Deedlit is the protagonist in the Record of Lodoss War series. According to one article from Siliconera, Deedlit was mentioned to be 160 years old in the Record of Lodoss War anime.

There is no official data about the height of Deedlit. According to her character wiki from Record of Lodoss War Fandom, Deedlit is a High Elf and Elves are known to be tall, but in this case, we looked at some pictures of Parn and Deedlit together but it seems like Deedlit is far shorter compared to Parn (Parn is human). Parn is said to have a height of 5’10 according to Oocities. By comparing Deedlit to Parn, it seems like she is around the nose, mouth and jaw height of Parn (It varies from picture to picture), giving us a conclusion that Deedlit’s height should be around 5’5.




Record of Lodoss War Fandom


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