Doomlands: Danny Doom Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Danny Doom~30s~5 ft 9 in


Danny Doom serves as the main protagonist in the Roku original animated series called “Doomlands”. All information listed on the chart above are unofficial but we try to keep it real as much as possible.

First, Danny should be in his 30s judging by his looks. We looked at the Official Trailer on Youtube and saw that Danny is an adult, aside from that, Danny is also voiced by Mark Thomas Little, a 38 year old Canadian actor and comedian.

Danny’s height is not specified. The height listed on the chart above follow the average height for American males listed on Healthline.

We have a wild guess that Danny is 6 foot tall, this was seen when Danny walked out of a door in the trailer. In the frame, we can see that there is around 6-8 inches difference between the top of the door to the head of Danny. Doors are typically around 80 inches tall, given Danny a height of around 72-74 inches (6 ft or 6ft and 2in).


Official Trailer on Youtube



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