Doctor Stone: Senku Ishigami Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Senku Ishigami~3700 (Chronological Age)
~23 (Not including the stone form time)


Senku Ishigami is the main protagonist of the anime; Doctor Stone. During a phenomenon where every living being in the world was turned into stone, Senku, much like all the other characters, stayed in stone form until about 3700 years later, giving him a chronological age of around 3700+.

According to Senku’s profile on his character wiki, in chapter 215 of the manga, Senku Ishigami is 23+ years old. This is of course not his chronological age, the 3700 years that he spent in stone form is not calculated.

Senku’s height, age, and weight are all available on the Dr. Stone Fandom. It is stated in his character wiki that Senku has a height of 171.4 cm (5 feet and 7 inches).


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