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Amber Midthunter: Expensive Things Owned & Brand Deals/Sponsors

Image Source: Instagram

According to several published reports online, the 25-year-old actress rakes in the moolah for 1.5 million dollars. But some other websites have claimed her net worth to be 5 million dollars. So, based on different data available on the internet, we can assume that Amber Midthunder has a net worth of $1.5 million- $5 million dollars based on Otakukart. So, let us find out what contributes to this net worth.


Amber really loves fashion items such as dresses. Here are some of the luxurious dresses she owned.


Image Source: Vogue

Midthunder has worn a few dazzling dresses by mainstream luxury labels, including a black Dior dress. In the photo, she is wearing the black dior and ice candy earrings.


Image Source: Vogue

She is wearing the printed Valentino mini dress. According to Valentino, aside from the creative and unique design mini dress Amber’s wearing they also have bags, jackets, shoes, jewelries and other luxurious things. As of now, they have the “Escape 2022” Collection.


Indi City

Image Source: Vogue

She is wearing the indigenous jewelry, two pairs of long, dangly earrings by Indi City. According to Indi City, Indi City has grown from a small business on Instagram to a newly launched online store with products also found in shops and boutiques across the country. With an in-house multi-media productions company they work to curate a 100% Indigenous made brand through visual marketing and story-telling.

Sky-Eagle Collection

Image Source: Vogue

Midthunder wore a long floral-embroidered dress by Sky Eagle Collection’s designer Dante Biss-Grayson, who is Osage. According to Sky-Eagle Collection, the owner said this “It all started when my daughter Ella Sky-Eagle was born. I am a Native American Veteran from the Osage Nation, my clan is Eagle, and I am an Artist and Fashion Designer. I started my journey into art when I was very young in Santa Fe, N.M., where I have taken many awards at the SWAIA Indian Market, and have artwork in private and museum collections.”


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