Ana De Armas: Expensive Things Owned & Brand Deals/Sponsors

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As of 2022, Ana de Armas has an estimated net worth of $6 million (£4.9 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth. So, let us find out what contributed to this net worth!


She is one of the famous celebrities of this generation. With that, she really can afford expensive items or things because she has a great income from being an actress. Moreover, this actress is also known for having a great collection of cars in her garage based on 21Motoring and a personalized necklace based on Hola. So, let’s have look.

Car Collection

Ana’s Car Collection BrandsPrices (USD)
Mercedes S63 AMG$174,150
Range Rover SV Autobiography$220,000
Chevrolet ChevelleN/A
Land Rover Defender$120,000
Cadillac CTS$98,990
Audi E-Tron$110,000
Nissan Sentra$34,000
Porsche 718$134,800
Tesla Model S$115,900
Mini Cooper S$40,000

Personalized Necklace

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Based on Hola, “The delicate piece of fine jewelry is in 18K gold with diamonds throughout and retails for cool of nearly $12,000. According to the co-founder and creative director, Beth Bugdaycay, each piece of her jewelry is “authentic, classic, personal and autobiographical.”


She is featured also on different brands. Let us take a look at these brands!

Natural Diamonds

Image Source: Natural Diamonds

The inspiring designer who created the jewelry is Malyia McNaughton, one of the designers featured in our Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative. The campaign where Ana was featured in the “For Moments Like No Other campaign” according to Natural Design.

Estee Lauder

Image Source: ispot TV

According to ispot TV, Actress Ana de Armas dares to love with Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Magnolia Fragrance. The brand sells expensive and fragrant perfumes that last longer. The perfume can be purchased at Macy’s, which offers free gift wrapping services with any Estee Lauder purchase.


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