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Top 5 Custom Bakeries in Bronx

Are you looking for exciting, creative and unique designs for your cakes and sweet delicacies at Bronx? Something that will catch the eye of someone and makes their luscious desires in to reality! This is what exactly what you are looking for! Here are the top bakeries that we can find in Bronx.

#1 Levain Bakery

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In the top spot, first on the list, we have the Levain Bakery. According to their website, Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald created Levain Bakery in 1995, out of their passions for food, friendship, and hard work. Competitive swimmers and triathletes, Pam and Connie passed their workouts by engaging in passionate conversations about baking, which inspired them to open a small bread shop in 1995, which they named Levain Bakery. Moreover, the bakery specializes in chocolate cookies that will surely make your desire for cookies in to reality.

#2 There Should Always Be Cake

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In the second spot, we have the There Should Always Be Cake. According to their website, the bakery specializes in the confection of specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more made exclusively for your special event. We work individually with each customer to create a unique and most important a delicious work of art for that memorable celebration. Morever, Laury Saldana, owner, said that “Happiness is what makes the world go round and what better way to experience a ray of happiness? You got it!! Cake!! “

#3 Frenchy’s Cake Design

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In the third spot, we have the Frenchy’s Cake Designs. According to Knot, the bakery is proud to offer couples sweet treats that they can share with their loved ones on their big days. Cakes can be created to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions to ensure that everyone can enjoy the special dessert. To top off any wedding cake, the bakery’s team of skilled sugar artists would be happy to provide handcrafted flowers. Moreover, they can design another objects as what you would like to add in your cakes.

#4 Slices By Smile Douglas

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In the fourth spot, we have the Slices By Smile Douglas. According to their website, the bakery have become masters of their craft since their openning back in 2000. Their commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. They never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how they can best serve the places where they are.

#5 Delite Bake Shop

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Last but not the least, the fifth spot, we have the Delite Bake Shop. According to their website, the bakery is a traditional bakery serving the Yonkers and Westchester community for over 80 years using traditional recipes and procedures to create the highest quality baked goods right here in our bake shop. Providing you with the perfect complement for your celebration!


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