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Top 5 Custom Bakeries in Queens

Cakes, cupcakes, and loaves of bread are luscious and sweet when eaten in the best bakeries in the place. Moreover, everyone wants something creative and unique when it comes to design and flavor. So, here are the best bakeries that we can find in Queens!

#1 Martha’s Country Bakery

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First on the list, we have Martha’s Country Bakery. According to their website, Martha’s Bakery was founded with the goal of providing our customers with classic American baked goods in a warm, friendly atmosphere. By baking all our products on-site, we fill our stores with the delicious smells of fresh cakes and pies to bring back that delightful, warm feeling every time of the year. Each day, we bake everything from scratch using the finest ingredients.

#2 Peter Pan Bakery

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In the second spot, we have Peter Pan Bakery. According to Trip Advisor, the bakery is so authentic, has great service, and has the best donuts and black and white cookies I’ve EVER had. Old-fashioned donuts rule. The bagels are the real deal, the perfect amount of cream cheese. Kids and I went every morning during our stay.

#3 Shero Cakes

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In the third spot, we have the Shero Cakes. According to a customer, “From the name of this shop, I naturally assumed they only sold pastries. Aside from pastries, and to my surprise, they also sell diner fast food (i.e., burgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, etc.). I had no idea. The name can throw one off. People would naturally think it’s a pastry shop. It’s an interesting mix of fast food and pastries. They have a decent selection of sliced cakes/pastries, which include red velvet, creme brulee, strawberry shortcake, and tiramisu. I believe they also prepare large cakes for special occasions like birthdays and weddings” based on Yelp.

#4 Junction Cake Box

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In the fourth spot, we have the Junction Cake Box. According to Yelp, The great Julia Child once said that “a party without cake is just a meeting.” At Junction Cake Box, we believe that cakes are the key to making life’s biggest moments truly special. Since 2010, we’ve been helping Elmhurst celebrate with freshly baked and beautifully decorated cakes, pastries, and a wide variety of sweet treats. Start your day with a smile, and stop in for coffee, bubble tea, and a breakfast bite. We also create custom-designed cakes for every occasion, because it wouldn’t be a party without one.

#5 Taste Creme

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Lastly, in the final spot, we have Taste Creme. According to their website, It is true that they are delicious! They meant their bread and pastries. Whether it’s our melt-in-your-mouth signature vanilla cream or our beloved tea or floral infused creams layered between our signature airy chiffon cake, we’re delectable. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.


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