Melissa Barrera Net Worth, Income Source, Film Projects, and Brand Deals

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In IMDb’s Top Star Meter, Melissa Barrera is listed as the 7th most popular celebrity. Let us have a look at some of the things that follows her along with her fame.

Net Worth$3,000,000
Income SourceActing, Brand Deal, Advertisements
Film Projects (Latest)Scream 6
Brand DealsClinique (Global Brand Ambassador)

Net Worth

In 2021, Melissa had a net worth of around $3 million.

Income Source

Melissa’s history in acting sprung up from doing telenovelas. We assume that at one time, starring as an actress in these telenovelas was once her main source of income.

If you look at her IMDb profile in Filmography, Melissa is currently involved in the filming of Scream 6, a horror/thriller film. There are also some other films that are already in post-production; films which feature her as one of the main cast. 

We assume that being involved and working on these films as an actress is her main source of income.

Melissa is also Global Brand Ambassador for Clinique, an American company that makes products revolving around skincare.

Film Projects

Based on her acting career listed on IMDb, Melissa is currently working on Scream 6. This movie is a continuation of the scream franchise and this 6th instalment has a budget of around $35 million.

Carmen, a musical drama movie also had Melissa play as the main protagonist. This movie had a budget of around $6.5 million.

These are just 2 of some of the movies Melissa had worked in. Unfortunately, we do not have any clear estimate how much she is getting paid for each of these movies.

Brand Deals

Melissa is currently involved with Clinique, a company that manufactures cosmetics and skincare products.

Clinique appointed Melissa as their new global brand ambassador, making Melissa the new face of the skincare company.

The amount Clinique offered Melissa for being their new ambassador is undisclosed.






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