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Top 5 Best Custom Bakeries in Brooklyn

The best bread can only be found in the best bakeries. Moreover, there are a lot of bakeries in every city but only a few have the tastiest and most luscious bread. So, let us take a tour of Brooklyn and find the best bakeries there!

#1 Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery

Image Sources: Instagram and Mia’s Brookly Bakery

The number one spot goes to Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery. The Bakery originated from Brooklyn as the name itself. According to Mia’s Brooklyn site, they chose the name Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery as an homage to Mia’s delight and their beloved city–authentic and from the heart, just like their baking! Moreover, they specialize in making cakes that you can customize for different occasions. Visit their site for more info about their sweet cakes and delicacies!

#2 Mille-Feuille Bakery

Image Sources: Instagram and Mille-Feuille Bakery Cafe

In the second spot, we have the Mille-Feuille Bakery. According to Yelp, they have the best chocolate you’ve ever had. Moreover, they have classes that are very educational and held in a beautiful ambiance. Also, you get a full tasting of the BEST chocolate flavors. It is a place that is PERFECT for date night, group events, and ladies’ night out.

#3 Saraghina Bakery

Image Source: Instagram

In the third spot, we have the Saraghina Bakery. According to Time Out, the bakery is next door to its popular pizzeria, Edoardo Mantelli will expand with an Italian bakery, selling organic, naturally leavened loaves (ciabatta, focaccia), as well as pasta, pastries, and coffee. Moreover, one of the customers said that the place is a staple for him! He came to the bakery all the time because the desserts are amazing and his favorites are baklava and Napoleon based on Yelp.

#4 Il Fornaretto Bakery

Image Source: Instagram

In the fourth spot, we have the Il Fornaretto Bakery. According to The City Cook, Il Fornaretto is a brick oven bakery that specializes in all kinds of breads and savory baked goods.  The bakery was originally opened in 1927 and is owned and operated by the Maggiore family. Moreover, one of their best delicacies is the pane di casa is a large, round white bread.  Other favorites are the intensely flavored prosciutto bread and specials like the onion panini, topped with caramelized onions.  This is also the place to find little baguettes of semolina bread.

#5 Plum Blossom Bakery

Image Source: Instagram

Lastly, the fifth and final spot is the Plum Blossom Bakery. According to Trip Advisor, the bakery has a beautifully decorated chocolate mud cake created for a birthday. It was enjoyed by young and old and it was well worth the price. Moreover, one of the costumers commented during Labor Day weekend, and quiet. “The coffee tasted awesome! The maple butter tart bar was rich and creamy however not much maple flavor. He enjoyed sitting on the sofa, and just chilling.”


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