Top 20 Best Cycling Uniform Design Ideas in 2022

Let us have a look at some of the most unique cycling outfit designs we can have in 2022.

#1 Dotted Plaid Red

A plaid and dotted sleeved design perfect for those who want to steal the camera during a nice bike ride.

Wooter sells all kinds of outfit design including this one so be sure to visit their site.

#2 Deep Water Blue

A Nike themed design that comes with deep blue colors symbolized deep waters. On the sides are geometric shapes that symbolize the mountain summit.

This specific design can be copied, altered, and customized even more on Wooter.

#3 Blue, Pink and Butterflies

This design features a blue base that comes with rectangular dots caging butterflies inside.

This design can be bought on Wooter.

#4 Green Base and Stomach Zigzags

Plain on the chest and shoulder but complex on the stomach, this design captures the wild outdoors.

This type of design can be bought on Wooter for a reasonable price.

#5 Chest Lined Deep Blue

This design contains a rich and deep blue base that has slightly visible lines printed on the chest. On the right chest is a green highlight.

Available on Wooter.

#6 Rustic Brown


A simple gentle brown colored outfit, recommended for those who doesn’t want any unnecessary fillers.

Wooter sells this kind of outfit design.

#7 Waters and Mountain


Gentle stream on the stomach and hard rocky mountains on the chest, this design might be a metaphor of comparison between riding uphill and riding on plain surface.

This design can be built and customized on Wooter.

#8 Iconic Dots in White Base


This outfit design features a white base littered with different black-colored icons. 

Available on Wooter.

#9 Dotted Black


The dots are exclusive only on the front and back. Looking at this outfit sideways will give the watcher a different perspective.

You can have Wooter build this specific design for you. 

#10 Modern Black and Triangle Dots


This design is a simple combination of black base and dotted triangles. Recommended for those who with a modern and refined taste.

This outfit can be easily copied and customized on Wooter.

#11 Black Base with Chest Buttons and Elbow Stripes


For some reason this picture kinda reminds me of Captain America.

This design can be bought on Wooter.

#12 Lined Black and Skyblue Saturate


An astoundingly artistic design that features a saturated and vertical lined black and blue bases, this one is probably one of the best we have on this list.

This design can be copied and bought on Wooter.

#13 Flag-Like

D:\Downloads\its hypotheticla you muppet.jpg

We do not have any idea whether those are flags or simply rectangular dots, but what we are sure of is that this design sure looks awesome.

Wooter will allow you to create a similar outfit like this one.

#14 Black Base with Triangular Dotted Top and Bottoms


Simple on the inside but spiky and stylish on the outside, just the way I like it.

Wooter sell all kinds of outfit design including this one.

#15 Constellations


We recommend this design only for those who really want to “reach for the stars”.

If you want to have this or something similar, just go to Wooter.

#16 Police Black


This design keeps the style with just a simple but intricate integration of grey and black.

This design can be made on Wooter.

#17 Chainmail and Colored Slashes


A chainmail like design that has lines probably representing the slashes of a sword, this design is the most unique one we have on this list.

Available on Wooter.

#18 Muscle-Anatomy


Anatomy enthusiasts be like.

If interested, this design is available on Wooter.

#19 Spilled Yellow Paint


The spilled paint on the top creates a nice expression of chaos while the deep and clear black blue on the bottom symbolizes the peace inside. 

You can have this outfit on Wooter.

#20 Stylized Triangles


Feast your eyes upon this sweet design. It screams three words. Retro. Modern. Stylish.

This design can be bought on Wooter.





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